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Below is a list of some of the easy to use features available with PHPMarketPlace.

Craigslist-like listing management

There isn't a huge user back-end to worry about maintaining. The seller submits their ad, with their contact info, you get a notification email, you access the control center, verify the listing for quality, then make it active. The shopper then receives an email notifying them that the ad has been posted. They are also given two links in the email: one to delete the ad, the other to edit the ad.

Listing moderation

All ads must be approved before they are made live. This allows you to keep bad content out.

Unlimited use license

For a one-time fee of $39, you can use this script on as many sites as you like - there is no limit. The only restriction is that you cannot resell this script as your own, it is not a resell license. But feel free to use it on all your projects currently, or in the future. On client sites, your own sites, it doesn't matter.

CSS driven formatting

You can make the front-end and back-end look like anything you want. Edit the current CSS, or gut it all together and come up with something new.

Easy to use PHP and MySQL code

The code is very simple to edit, and if you don't know how, finding a PHP programmer to help you add or edit functions would be very simple.

Template design

The pages are template driven. All page templates use a header and footer file, and all pages have their own template file, making it simple to manage the pages.

Seller contact forms

Each item page has its own dynamic contact form. The seller's name, email, phone, etc, can be displayed if you want, or you can keep things confidential.

Tracking item information

Track, and show if you like, when an item was listed and how many views it has had.

Payment processing

Currently, payment processing is not in place by default. However, because of how the ad submission and notification is done, adding a PayPal button to the page after an item is submitted is a simple way to add processing and verification without having to pay a programmer to add a bunch of new code.

Control admin

To keep the code to a minimum in weight, and because their isn't a user management to worry about, we made it so if you want to password protect the control admin (which allows you to edit listings and categories, and make listings active online or pending) you simply have to password protect the directory using your hosting, or simply set up your own htaccess file (apache servers).

Different uses of PHPMarketPlace

The script can be used for so many different sites. Create an actual Craigslist-like site, use it for a simple classified section on an existing site, use it to create other classified sites to sell, and the list goes on.


I received the script via email, imported the sql file, made my edits to the config file and was up and running. It took maybe 10 minutes to get it working. Name - Ryan P.

Server/Host Requirements
  • PHP4 (PHP5 should work fine)
  • MySQL
  • Ability to password protect a directory